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I’m Ash. I’m an artist, designer + writer based in Porto, Portugal. Tudo Bem is my semi-irregular newsletter about art, life and the in-betweens.

There are few things I love more than the visual narrative. When I’m not working on a comicphoto serieszine or this newsletter, I’m likely putting my versatile skillset and eagle eyes to use as a content manager, digital marketer and social media designer. I can also be found walking around town with the point-and-shoot camera that lives in my shirt pocket, consuming print media as much as humanly possible and, coincidentally, studying Portuguese.

Subscribe to Tudo Bem if you can justify subscribing to yet another thing and enjoy newsletter-shaped extensions of real human beings, etc. Become a paying subscriber to support me in a very general, somewhat normal way, while gaining access some of my best illustrated offerings (including occasional juicy/personal comics), maybe audio posts someday, and for sure some “expat content” as I try to figure out how to live in a new country for real. But first, some good examples of free fruit:

📓 Cartoon Diary – A wonderfully absurd roundup of comics, drawings and sketchbook illustrations about real life and real life from the week(s) prior

🪣 The Great Rebuild, etc – Call this whatever you’d like, these are stories from starting over at the end of Europe *as a working class human*

Hop in, I’m driving. Do you have a snack? Grab a snack and let’s go.

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(ノ ˘_˘)ノ 🎨 Ash is an (american) illustrator, designer and writer living in Porto. Before leaving the US for hopefully ever, Ash mostly tried to pretend she didn't live in Chicago. Tudo Bem is a newsletter about art, life and the in-betweens.