Oh, hey. Welcome to Tudo Bem.

*googles “tudo bem”*

I’m Ash, and I’m an artist, designer + writer. When I’m not working on an illustration, comic or zine I’m consuming print media at an alarming rate, studying Portuguese and walking around town with the point-and-shoot camera that lives in my shirt pocket. You can find me on “social” media here, unless you’re already off the ‘forms (congratulations). I’ll be focusing on sharing my work and mind here, and embracing the modern newsletter as a network for Real Human Artists from now on.

Hop in, I’m driving. Do you have a snack? Go grab a snack and let’s go.

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(ノ ˘_˘)ノ 🎨 ✨ human artist, designer + writer doing some things and talking about it. Known for disappearing completely and emerging months later as a "more collected" version of herself.